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Monday, May 6, 2013

September 2012     VISIT TO DETROIT

I finally made it back to Detroit to visit my dad and his wife in September.  It was great seeing them and going back to Grosse Pointe where they had, of all things, an art show going on.  Whew.  Glad I didn't have to work it!  I also got to meet up with my first ever boyfriend from way back in Teen Time.  He and I hooked up on LinkedIn website just a week earlier.  I was so happy to meet his wife and to see how great they are together.  We had lost contact for around 40 years.  Ok, that just aged me but I don't care.  Isn't all this computer stuff marvelous!  I've found so many dear people that I never thought I'd be able to ever find again.
Anyway, here a cute photo of my dad and his wife.

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